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Hand-held Moxa Therapy Tool

Hand-held Moxa Therapy Tool

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 This is a simple moxibustion tool that can be inserted into diameter ranges from 1.4cm to 1.8cm moxa roll for simple hand-held moxibustion. Safe and easy for Moxibustion.

Moxa is used to strengthen the immune system, to warm the body and to bring more qi and blood flow to an area.

Moxibustion needs long-term persistence to be effective. Just like reading, the effect of moxibustion, like knowledge, is absorbed by the body. The more moxibustion, the better for health.

Moxa is used both directly and indirectly, depending upon the intended effects. It is used to great effect in tandem with acupuncture points, enhancing and maximizing the effects of the acupuncture needles.

Moxa is hot, which corresponds to heat. Therefore we use moxibustion to treat illnesses where there is a hot deficiency, or excess cool, such as certain types of cold or flu, or joint pain brought on by cold weather.

Moxa must never be used to treat illnesses where there is excess heat, such as hot fevers.

Moxibustion has the effect of regulating your chi and blood, plus warming and removing damp from your meridians.

After moxibustion, drink plenty of water, and after moxibustion, wait until the sweat is completely eliminated before taking a bath.


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