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Strength: Protective/Immunity Blend Pure Essential Oil- 15ml

Strength: Protective/Immunity Blend Pure Essential Oil- 15ml

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Potent skin strength

Usage Methods:

Diffuse, apply topically, add sparingly to sinus cavity rinse for increased strength

Research & Fun Facts

We wanted to call this blend MRSA-cide, but due to obvious FDA restrictions, it is called Strength.

MRSA, Methicillin-Resistant Staphlyococcus Aureus, is a severe threat in the modern medical community due to its resistance to common antibiotic regimens.

MRSA is sometimes called a \superbug,\ and was caused through the natural genetic mutation of bacteria. The prolonged use of antibiotics caused bacteria to mutate; bacteria that were resistant to the antibiotics lived and propagated, creating a new \superbug.\ Resistances can be formed against ingredients in antibacterial handsoaps as well. Many antibiotics and antibacterial ingredients that were once effective are now much less useful due to this phenomenon.

Some people carry active strains of MRSA in their sinuses, dramatically increasing their risk of contracting MRSA after even simple surgical procedures

This blend is powerful, and may irritate skin due to high concentrations of lemongrass, thyme, and cinnamon.

Contains: Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Thyme & Lemon

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