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Desert Rose Mineral/Natural Healing

Desert Rose Mineral/Natural Healing

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Experience the meditative benefits of our Desert Rose Mineral/Natural Healing product. Immerse yourself in a calming and rejuvenating journey as you connect with nature and explore the healing properties of this natural gem. Discover inner peace and balance by incorporating this meditative tool into your daily routine.

 Material: Natural Stones

Used for: Home decor, Collections, Gifts, Car Accessories, Chakra, Reiki therapy etc
Weight and Quantity:
5-10g: 1~2 piece, total weight≥5g
10-20g: 1~2 piece, total weight≥10g
20-30g: 1~2 piece, total weight≥20g
30-40g: 1~2 piece, total weight≥30g
50-60g: 1~2 piece, total weight≥50g

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